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Taita Taveta County Public Service Board

The County Public Service Board is responsible for ensuring uniformity of norms and standards for: establishing and abolishing offices in the County Public Service; appointing persons to hold or act in those offices and confirming appointments. The Board is also responsible for exercising disciplinary control over and removing persons holding or acting in those offices. In addition, it oversees the implementation of policies on human resource management and development; and promotion of labour relations in the County Public Service.

The composition of the County Public Service Board is as follows:-

  1. Chairperson;
  2. Five (5) members; and
  3. Secretary to the Board.
To support the County Public Service Board, a County Public Service Board Secretariat has been established at the County level headed by the Secretary to the Board. The Secretary is the Chief Executive of the Board and is responsible for the day-to-day operations, arranging the business of the Board; keeping minutes of Board proceedings; and communicating Board decisions to appropriate persons or authorities.


The Mandate of the TCPSB is established under Section 59 of County Govt. Act 2012 and encompasses the following critical roles.
  1. Establish and abolish offices
  2. Appointment of staff
  3. Disciplinary Control
  4. Promotion of values and principles
  5. Advise on Human resources planning , management and capacity building
  6. Performance management
  7. Terms and conditions of service



The primary role of the County Public Service Board is to provide the County with human resource that is capable of efficient and cost effective service delivery. The Taita Taveta County Public Service Board was established under Section 57 of the County Government’s Act, No.17 of 2012 as a body corporate with perpetual succession and a seal , capable of suing and being sued in its own name. Section 58 of the County Government’s Act provides for the composition of the Board.



To transform the public service to become professional, motivated, efficient and effective for the realisation of county development goals accusamus labore sustainable VHS.
To be an excellent provider of competitive human resource that meets the needs of residents of the county
  • Professionalism
  • Equity and equality
  • Team spirit
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Cooperation





    • Address : P.O Box Private Bag, Voi
    • Email :info@cpsb.taitataveta.go.ke
    • Website: ttcpsb.go.ke
    • Telephone: 0710 988 455


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